Ravenloft. Nobody leaves here, alive.

Under raging stormclouds, a dark shape emerges from the shadows of Castle Ravenloft. A flash of lightning reveals the sneering countenance of Count Strahd Von Zarovich. His eyes burn with eternal hunger and contempt for life. From a narrow balcony he peers out into the blackness of night at the village below and mutters a single name:



Castle Ravenloft is set in the dark lands of Barovia. Our adventurers become lost in a strange mist at 1st-level and hopefully make it to 10th-level. This campaign hopes to create an immersive gaming experience with Gothic feel while confronting D&D’s progenitor vampire – Strahd Von Zarovich.

Our Castle Ravenloft campaign is an adaptation of Wizards of the Coast’s Curse of Strahd adventure for D&D 5th Edition. It is further set in the Eberron campaign setting in the haunting Kingdom of Karrnath.

Castle Ravenloft