Campaign Introduction

Welcome to the Castle Ravenloft Campaign

The Castle Ravenloft campaign features the D&D 5th Edition adventure Curse of Strahd. It is set in the cold and remote reaches of northeastern Karrnath in the Eberron campaign setting. There is a little-known valley on the northern end of the Ironroot Mountains. That valley is home to an obscure county called Barovia that is ruled by a family that has inhabited the valley for four hundred years – the Von Zaroviches.

An acquaintance of yours, Ireena, was sent to Barovia on a royal assignment after the Last War. An odd letter sent by her compels you to travel to the inhospitable county to visit her.

Once there, you realize that the County of Barovia is under the control of some dark power. Evil things stalk the night, sibilant whispers carry on the wind, and an indifferent master secludes himself in his lofty castle high above the county’s villages.

Perhaps you can make a visit to Count Von Zarovich to offer your services. Or, perhaps you’ll gather your friend Ireena an leave the county. If you can.

Campaign Introduction

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